Time to Play Catch Up

Wow you guys are serious! We cannot believe the amount of orders that have come through in less than a day. Unfortunately we need to pause our order intake and play catch up. Please feel free to signup via email to be the first to know when we are taking on more orders. We apologize for the inconvenience but it's great to see all the supporters doing their part.

Thank you,

Kyle, Ashley, Mason, Beatrice and angel Tigra

Important Order Information

Please note all orders will be limited to one unit and include a flat $18.00 UPS ground shipping and handling cost. This will show up on the PayPal check out order.

This is a father son project and I'm still working full time from home. Please keep in mind production times may vary however we will do our best to get your order out for delivery within 2 weeks. We understand this is a longer than normal time frame and we appreciate your patience.

Inspiration Behind the Project

While schools are closed due to COVID-19, I'm looking to break the mold and teach my son about business structure and the value of supporting a charitable cause. As a huge dog family we feel this is a great experience for my son to learn about direct/indirect costs, marketing, material sourcing and client relations.

We put together a business model and starting selling hand made squirrel picnic tables throughout our local community. We agreed that 100% of the profits would go directly to Stand Up for Pits in support of pitbull type dogs. You can visit their website here: https://standupforpits.us/

Our original Facebook post went out on April 22 and we have since sold 54 tables. We could not be more excited and surprised at the support we have received so far. On Friday May 1st, we were able to make our first donation of over $800 to the foundation. When this news hit Rebecca, she personally reached out to thank us. She recently shared our story on social media in hopes we may be able to expand our tables to more Stand Up for Pits supporters.